About payment

You can use “Payment agent service of docomo, au, SoftBank”, “Credit card payment”, “Convenience store payment” on this site.

Please take following registration procedures if users would like to make a registration on this site.

Payment Agent Service of docomo

【Monthly Course】Fee:¥550(tax included)/month

What is “Payment Agent Service of docomo”?
What is “d account log-in”?

Payment Agent Service of au “Kantan” Payment(au / UQ mobile)

【Monthly Course】Fee: ¥550(tax included)/month

※ Prior au ID registration is necessary for au ID log-in.
What is “au ID log-in”?

Payment Agent Service of SoftBank “Matomete” Payment/Y Mobile “Matomete” Payment

【Monthly Course】Fee: ¥550(tax included)/month

※ Prior My SoftBank verification setting is necessary.
What is “My SoftBank verification”?

Credit card

Monthly Course: Fee: ¥550(tax included)/month
Yearly Course: Fee: ¥5,280(tax included)/year

Administrative Fee: ¥0

Accepted credit card types


Payment Method: Please input your credit card information on the payment method page on this web site.

What is security code?

Security code is a special code for prevention of unauthorized use of credit card/debit card.
Please make sure the followings for making sure where the security code is printed.

  • VISA/MASTER/JCB/DINERS CLUB: 3 (Three) digit number printed on the back of credit card (Printed just on the right of main card number)
  • AMEX: 4 (Four) digit number printed on the surface of credit card (Printed on the upper right of main card number)

Please contact and make a confirmation with bank or credit card company printed on your credit card in case you are unable find the security code or are unable to read the security card.

Convenience Store Payment

【Yearly Course】 Fee: ¥5,280(tax included)/year

Administrative Fee: ¥440(tax included)

Accepted convenience store

  • FamilyMart
  • ministop
  • Seicomart

Payment Method: Please make a payment at either of convenience store you input on the payment method page on this web site till the due date of payment.

Attention: We would complete registration process in the order of our confirmation of customer’s payment. Please make a registration again on this web site in case the due date of payment expires.